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SS4200-ehw: cannot see DOM and disks


I have an ss4200-ehw and I'm trying to install linux on it. Admitedly not a supported OS, but perhaps somebody out there can offer advice.

I have a DOM modules and 4 SATA disks. I can configure the BIOS to see the 5 drives. I have been able to install Linux on the DOM, but I had to tell the BIOS to ignore the SATA disks. When I enable the SATA disks in the BIOS, Linux starts booting from the DOM, but at some stage during the boot the DOM device simply disappears, and the boot crashes. I have gone into rescue mode and as far as I can tell all the required modules are there, but there is no trace of the DOM module.

Has anybody any experience on this?

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No idea, myself.

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