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Server 2008 SP2 on S3200SH with Intel Matrix Array

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We just can't figure out why Windows 2008 DataCenter Core SP2 won't see our SATA RAID 5 array (2 partitions) created using the integrated Intel Matrix storage device. The Windows install routine just keeps coming up blank. Intel T/S says the Matrix array should have native support in all versions of 2008 SP2. We have tried all sorts of Matrix drivers for other operating systems just on the chance they might "help". Nothing. We deleted and recreated the array several times. As a last resort we tried using Windows Server 2008 Datacenter Core R2 RC... Bingo (with NO drivers)! Worked perfectly and both partitions were seen. So, I know the array is fine.

Does anyone have an idea what we are doing wrong? Or, any idea how to get this RAID 5 array recognized by 2008 SP2 so we can install the operating system? I just can't see using R2 since it is only an RC and can't be upgraded to RTM.

Any and all help is appreciated.


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Hi there,

I have installed Windows Server 2008 Standard/Enterprise/Server Core/Data Center several times on this board without any problem.

Actually, using the Intel Matrix Controller, the Windows Vista/2008/Seven have the F6 raid controller driver embedded in the Operating System.

So there is no need to embed the driver as the drive should be automatically recognised, and thus allowing you to do the installation of the OS.

Actually, after installing the OS, i used to install the Intel Storage Matrix Manager as it installed the Intel Raid Driver.

I remember to get problem installing Windows 2008 & Windows Vista only when using an OEM version of the Windows. Actually, it could not find the drives and it does not load the Intel F6 Driver, it gives an error message, Contact your vendor ...

When using a non-OEM version, it works perfectly fine, so i will say probably, this can be your case as well.

Let me know how it goes.



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Hey Charley!

I´m not sure qhy you want to use the Intel Raid mode. We only use the LSI mode because than you can use the raid web console to manage the array and, much more important in my eyes, the raid controller manager is enabled to send you mails in the case of raid problems.

This is an important feature which is missing in the current release of the Intel Manager so we don´t use it in server environments.

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Thanks for the info... Unfortunately, to do RAID 5 you must use the Intel Matrix chip.