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Server Board S2600STB compatibility PCIe Bifurcation


Hello Communitie,


I want to build a new RAID in my Server based on Board S2600STB.


I planed this configuration:


into Slot 2 PCIe* 3.0 x (x16 electrical) handled by CPU2:

GRAID SupremeRAID SR-1000 up to 8 NVMe SSDs, PCIe 3.0 x16



into both Slots:


Slot 2 PCIe* 3.0 x (x16 electrical) handled by CPU2 (riser capable)

Slot 6 PCIe* 3.0 x (x16 electrical) handled by CPU1 (riser capable)


a Delock PCIe 4.0 x16 Card 4 x internal NVMe M.2 Key M  – Bifurcation

and equip them with 4 SSD NVMe M.2 Kingston KC3000 2TB 


The Delock Cards need the Bifurcation support of the Mainboard/BIOS.

The Bios shows this options.

Did anyone of You have some experience with this expansion?

Many thanks for any feed back!


Kind regards,








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Hello, MMoerch,

Thank you for reaching Intel Communities. I will gladly help you.

I would like to let you know that Intel only provides support for the Intel RAID and Storage products used with validated Intel® Server Products and hardware. Please use the Compatibility Hardware Tool to find compatible devices such as hard disk or SSD that has been validated for your setup/configuration:

Please note that Delock* is not in the list of vendors supported by the Intel® Server Board S2600ST Family.

However, if you prefer to set up the components that you mentioned above, might be possible for other Intel Communities users to help you setting up your system.

Best regards,


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