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Server Board S3000AH, 92A3 unrecognized Errormessage in BIOS



WinXP Pro 32bit, SP3, rest up-to-date

Intel Server Board S3000AH, Bios release 49

250gb Raid 1, Intel Matrix Storage drivers

2x PCIe RME HDSPe 32 audio devices, latest driver

My prob is, that both cards are recognized by system and really, everything is running well, but with shutdown (nearly milliseconds before restart), I am getting bluescreen "Parity Check Error". Well, maybe not something new, but I also found error message in Bios "92A3 unrecognized". In system registry audio devices are shown, but with some analysing soft it is shown that there are no audio devices, though it works.

Any chance to cancel Parity Check with this board or any other idea?

Sincerely yours,


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