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Server Board S5500 with Raid 5 key


My server has been running for a few months, however today all of a sudden my "2nd hard drive" e:\ is not accessable and when I go into the raid utility the 3 drives for Raid 5 are saying Configured - Bad (Data Invalid) on 2 of the drives and one of them say online. My 2 Raid 1 drives (c:\) are working fine and both say Online!!

Im freaking out, please help URGENTLY!

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Normally two drives failing in a RAID 5 array means data loss... However if drives are not actually failed, just marked offline due to timeout, you may still have chance to get your data back.

You're using onboard ESRT2 RAID right? Here is what you can try:

Reboot the server and press Ctrl-E to launch the RAID BIOS utility. Delete the RAID 5 VD and recreate the VD with exact same parameters (e.g. RAID level, size, strip size, etc.) WITHOUT initializing it. Reboot the server and see if the data is accessible.

Last but not least, Planning for the worst case: the importance of a backup solution

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