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Server hangs after backup drives are swapped - Server 2003 + SBS03

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I am having the following issue with a few of my clients servers.

All running Intel Server Boards, OS is Server 2003 or SBS2003

When I swap the backup drives each week, after unplugging and plugging in the new USB powered Seagate backup drives, the server hangs.

I have this problem with 5 different clients.

I have changed the usb drivers from Intel to Microsoft in DM but no luck. The only common thing I can find is they all have intel server boards.

Can someone please help me with this issue.


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If it is hanging with no obvious error, there are two places to look: the SEL (System Event Log) for the hardware, and the Event Viewer for software. Since you know the time it last hung, you should be able to find out pretty quickly what events were reported around that time.