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Server problem - S3420GPLC / 8GB / X3430 / 3ware 9690



We have built up a server for one of our customers with the following componentes:

- Intel S3420GPLC

- 2x 4GB Kingston KVR1333D3D8R9S/4GI

- Xeon QC X3430

- 3ware 9690SA - 4 port PCIe

- 3x Western Digital 500GB RE4 SATA HDDs (attached to the 3ware RAID)

- Chenbro SR209 (supported)

- Seasonic 600W PSU (latest ATX spec - also supported)

The customer also added an additional NIC to one of the PCIe slots. I'm stll waiting for the information what kind of NIC he uses. Bios is version 48, Raid Controller firmware is the latest one.

The system is running Hyper-V with one Server 2008 VM and one XP VM.

The problem is that the network performance is really bad and Hyper-V freezes sporadically after some minutes. Then you have to reboot the system...

Could this be a hardware related problem or is this a driver / software related one? I just want to point out if there is any incompatibility with any of the components used or if something in the customers installation is faulty. Maybe someone uses a similar configuration and has some experiences...

Thanks in adavance

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Do you have the latest Network Driver installed?

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