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Servers SR15000ALR do not start any more


We have several SR1500ALR servers. In time, at least six of them have exhibited the very same failure mode: as a consequence of a power

outage or of a simple shutdown followed by a few minutes during which the server was unplugged from the mains, they have entered a status

in which the green LED on the back of the power supply blinks and there is no way to restart the server. The start button becomes unresponsive,

although a green LED on the front panel is on. There seems to be no attempt to run the POST.

Swapping parts with other servers, it seems that the problem is located in the main board.

I find really strange that multiple units fail in this very same mode. Is there some known issue or some way to bring these servers back to life?

Best Regards,

Massimo Macucci

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I was checking our archives and I could not find anything related to this particular system exhibiting the same symptoms. I would recommend contacting our Intel Customer Support team for proper follow up of this situation.

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