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Slow Write speed on Intel S3200SHV MB using onboard RAID controller


I have a Server with a S3200SHV MB, running Windows Server Std 2008. It has an Intel Xeon Quad Core Xeon X3230 CPU and 8 meg of RAM. We have 3 Seagate 500GB SATA 7200 rpm Enterprise Constellation HDs configured in a RAID 5 with a C partition (250 GB) and P partition (645 GB). It has ran fine for 1.5 yrs, but recently seems to suffer form extremely slow Write speeds (768Kb) when tested with the Parkdale utility. The Read speeds are fine at 198Mb.

We noticed the problem because our medical records software started to take forever to communicate with the Server in the last 2 weeks, compared to when the Server was new. I found extremely long transfer times when copying files from one folder to another on the RAID drives, but had much faster times going from the RAID drives to a USB 2 External HD. This led to using the Parkdale utility to test the Read/Write performance of the RAID drives. The Seatools utility seems to indicate the HD's are OK, but tested them as the RAID array not individually.

Is this potentially a RAID Driver issue, the Onboard RAID failing or something else? Does anyone have ideas for more definitive testing? How can I test the 3 - HD individually for performance issues?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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You're using the Matrix Storate RAID right? I've seen one failing HDD causing poor RAID performance before... Maybe you can check the Windows Event Log for errors with the "iastor" driver.

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