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Some general debugging help needed, W2600CR


Hello friends, over the past few months I've been trying to get this new build to work but nothing seems to work and the lack of debug output doesn't help.

But after purchasing an internal VGA to normal VGA adapter on ebay for $30 (as there was no video out using a PCIe card) I've managed to confirm the BIOS version and that it supports the CPUs. But also that it never gets past the identification screen.

The system LED goes from solid green, to flashing green, to flashing amber, and finally solid amber. Only the LSB is set for the POST debug LEDs which doesn't tell me anything. The solid amber erros are listed as follows:

  • "CPU CATERR signal asserted" - I have no idea how to check this.
  • "MSID mismatch detected (CATERR also asserts for this case)" - No idea what this is.
  • "CPU 1 is missing." - CPU 1 is installed, tested with both single and dual CPU configurations.
  • "CPU Thermal Trip." - Unlikely, using a pretty big heatsink and good ventilation.
  • "No power good – power fault." - No idea what this means.
  • "DIMM failure when there is only 1 DIMM present and hence no good memory present." - Tested with both single and 4 DIMM modules.
  • "Runtime memory uncorrectable error in non - redundant mode1" - No idea how to check.
  • "DIMM Thermal Trip or equivalent" - Unlikely, good ventilation.
  • "SSB Thermal Trip or equivalent" - Unlikely, good ventilation.
  • "CPU ERR2 signal asserted" - No idea how to check.
  • "BMC/Video memory test failed. (Chassis ID shows blue/solid - on for this condition)" - Chassis LED is not lit.
  • "Both uBoot BMC FW images are bad. (Chassis ID shows blue/solid on for this condition)" - Chassis LED is not lit.
  • "240VA fault" - I have no idea what this is.

My system configuration are as follows:

Board: W2600CR (PBA: G59236-301)

BIOS: SE5C600.86B.02.05.0004

Memory: 4x4Gb Registered ECC PC3-10600

CPU: Dual E5-2660v2

PSU: Corsair AX1200 (No PMBus)

Bootable media: A 16Gb USB3 flashdrive, a 60Gb Samsung Evo SSD and an old 640Gb 2.5" HDD, each with Debian installed.

Hopefully you guys can explain what some of these possible errors mean and how I can debug them further.

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