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Trouble shooting for Intel Active System Console



My customer would like to notify hardware events by using Intel Active System Console(ASC).

He configured [Configuration] - [Basic Email] and [Advanced Email] in ASC.

And he tested notify the event removing power supply unit(lost PS redundancy).

However an appliance did not send notfication email to the customer.

Another appliance late and sent the email.

The customer has two question about ASC.

Q1. How often does ASC watch hardware?

I got some logs from appliance which stored under /var/log/asc/.

services.log recorded the following event.

Thu Jul 25 19:15:01 JST 2013 :- Sanity check on required ASC services ---

ascpolicy : DEAD

Restarting ascpolicy...

Thu Jul 25 19:18:01 JST 2013 :- Sanity check on required ASC services ---

ascpolicy : OK

It seems to check ASC services everey 3 minutes. Is it interval of checking for system status?

If not, how often frequency is it?

Q2. How the customer can solve or investigate the issue?

The customer wants to solve the problem that an email is not transmitted when the hardware issue is occured.

I don't know what kind of information we should collect to investigate trouble of ASC.

The customer captured tcpdump while he is testing but any smtp packets did not tranmitted when he removed power supply unit.

I already got some logs from under /var/log/asc/. If any other step to investigate this issue please let me know.

Thanks and Regards,

Ryosuke Kanaya

McAfee Japan

Sr Technical Support Engineer, Contents Security Support

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I tried the following test in my testing environment.

1) Configure [Advanced Email] - [All critical Events]


2) Disconnect power supply cable of PSU1.

3) Waiting for recieve the email notification with monitor smtp server's queue.

4) Connect the cable.

5) Repeat step 2) - 4) several times while watching my smtp server.

Notification Email seems to be sent every 5 minutes.

I think that ASC checks hardware events every 5 minutes. And if an event happened between the check intervals, ASC sends it by an email.


Am I correct?

Thanks and Regards,


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