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Unable to boot from Intel sasuc8i after firmware update

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I have an SASUC8I contrtoller which worked in an Acer Altos G330 server (intel s3000ahv mainboard) through more than one year serving two disks at RAID1 mode.

After I updated the card's firmware with EPSD_SAS_FW_v.2011.06.03_ph20upd version the motherboard BIOS not recognise the SAS card as a boot device. I can enter into the raid card's BIOS with Ctrl+C, make the RAID array but can not boot from it.

According to the manual I shall make one disk as boot device under the SAS topology menu using Alt+b but this combination does not available. I don't remember whether I used Alt+b or not one years ago when the server was configured. I just suspect that It cause the problem but I'm not sure.

I made the flashing according to the readme and the result was "succesful" but It seems that wasn't.

Did somebody has similar problem which has been sold?

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To select a boot disk with an IT/IR controller within the BIOS console, on the SAS Topology screen you move the cursor to the disk and press + .

You'll likely also need the SASUC8I to be designated correctly in the motherboard BIOS boot settings.



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Hi John

Thank You the info. According to that my suspicion about the + was correct. But this combination is not active. I want to make an IM volume with two disks. I can make it, but when I select a disk for boot in the SAS Topology screen and press + nothing happens. There is a note in the user's manual which says that the firmware must be configured correctly to make + work. I left everything on the default value. The Boot support is set to "Enabled BIOS & OS". What could I miss?