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Updating BIOS for S5000PAL using OpenSolaris


Hi All,

I have installed latest version of Open Solaris on my machine ( E5310 + S5000PAL).

When i go to Set up and under Error Manager i see the following:

8180 minor n/a BIOS doesnot support the current stepping for processor

8160 major 1 Processor 01 Unable to apply microcode update. Micro code version =0

The second error seems fine as i have installed only single processor. The Processor i have is E5310 with G0 Stepping.

It seems i need to update the BIOS Version. I downloaded the latest version of the BIOS ( and trying to run the setup_linux in Linux_OFU_970_B3.4.

When i try to run it i am getting the following Error:

$ ./setup_linix

setup_linux: Cannot find /lib/



How can i install the missing libabry ??



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Hi there,

The error messages in the BIOS like 8160,8180 etc. actually were due to the new CPU with the core stepping E0.

Actually, on most Intel server boards using a new CPU with E0 Core Stepping gave these error messages, but this has been fixed with the latest firmware revision BIOS.

Possibly, this may be the same with G0 steppings. In the release notes for the bios, it may mention about the 8180 error.

You can update the firmware using a USB Dos Bootable Memory Stick.

I will advise you to update the bios and bmc firmware to the latest one using a USB Dos Bootable Pen Drive.

How to make a Bootable USB:


Website: Link

Please read the read me how to update the bios and bmc.


BIOS98.bat for BIOS


BMC65.bat for BMC

FSP48.bat for SDR

Other than this, i dont have any suggestions.



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