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Using an Adaptec 7805Q with an S1200V3rpl and P4304XXSHCN



I have the following;

Intel S1200V3RPL Motherboard

Intel P4304XXSHCN Enclosure with a 4 bay HotSwap 3.5" module

Adaptec 7805 RAID controller with aHDmSAS to 4xSATA and 1 SGPIO 5pin x2 row socket with 8 wires connected,

The Hotswap module has a backplane which has 4 SATA connectors on it, it also has an SGPIO, I2C_IN and I2C_Out sockets.

The Motherboard has the correct connectors on for the SGPIO cabbles supplied.

The SGPIO socket on the backplane is different from the SGPIO connector on the Adaptec cable

My questions are

I understand that the SGPIO provides status information to the LEDs of the hotswap bay.

1. Does the SGPIO on the backplane need to be connected to the Adaptec 7805 or can it be connected to the S1200 Motherboard?

2. What are the I2C_In and I2C_OUT conectors for

3. There will be no loss in performance if no SGPIO cable is connected (Just no status LED info?)

Looking forward to some help

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2 Replies

1. It should be connected to the RAID controller.

2. See section 5.2.3 of the Intel� Server Chassis P4000S Family technical product specification.

3. It should not impact performance.

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I have got the same problem between P4304XXSHCN enclosure and Avago SAS 9361-4I RAID controller :

* The sideband from SAS connector can't be connected to the SGPIO connector of backplane

* The SGPIO cable (G22461-003) connected to backplane can't be connected to the RAID controlleur

How can i do ?

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