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VxRail P580N, works with 2 or 4 processors?


Hello Everyone!

This is my first post, and well, I come here in the way of seeking guidance with this question that has just popped outa my head.

I had the luck ( I wanna believe this way), i got into my hands a Dell VxRail P580N, the spec sheet, says it uses Quad Xeons Scalable ( i wanna figure first and second generatios); but...

IT does requiere all 4 Processors to work or i can put it to fly with only 2 of them?

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Hello Tulkar,

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.

In this case, since the Dell VxRail P580N server system is considered for us a third-party system, you will need to get in touch with Dell support directly in order to clear any questions that you may have with it included but not limited to how to properly set up the system for regular usage. Down below you will find the support link to Dell’s regular support and also the link to Dell’s community forum where you might be able to post your question and get the support that you need.

Dell support  

Dell Community

Important note: If you need any additional information for any of our products, please submit a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored.


Victor G.

Intel Technical Support Technician  

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