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W3503 @ 130W TDP vs Pentium D 920 @ 95W

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I currently have a Non-ECC Dual Channel DDR2 computer with a single Pentium D 920 @ 95W TDP.

I would like to upgrade to an ECC Tri Channel DDR3 computer with a single W3503 Xeon @ 130W TDP computer.

Unfortunately, I am concerned that the server grade W3503 with a TDP of 130W is thermally inferior to the consumer grade Peintum D 920 @ 95W TDP.

If I subject both processors to a 100% load torture test, which processor do you think will:

1) die first?

2) start slow down throttling first?

3) perform incorrect computations first?

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Depends on what you mean by "thermally inferior", I suppose. Running both at 100%, assuming adequate cooling - whichever has the longer MTBF will last longer. Throttling, again, won't happen unless you're deliberately skimping on the cooling. Neither will perform incorrect computations.

You might also try asking over in the processor community - They've much more processor-specific information. We do mostly server board, RAID, and storage over here.

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I greatly appreciate your input. It looks like I will be going with the ultra cool Xeon E3110. The Spec 2006 scores of this processor seem to be pretty good yet this processor runs really cool. I am glad I don't have to buy a name brand Lenovo, HP or Dell computer anymore:

All of those vendors are way to pricy for machines with ECC memory. Systemax is a pretty good price range but I think ServersDirect may be even better.



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