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Where can i find performance info new raid controllers RMS25 series??

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I want to purchase an RMS25KB080 or RMS25PB080 or something inbetween. There is a $300 gap between the two prices.

I need some performance info ( like you gave me & everyone else by publishing on the new E5 processors ) to decide which one.

Yes and we got info from the Passmark site too.

Perhaps something like speed at raid 0 for four ordinary harddrives for each of the several controllers.

I cannot find this information on the Intel website. If it exists please supply a link to the specfic page please.

If not we clients should get this info pronto for the new controllers so we can choose!!!

We have chosen an intel e5 motherboard and a pair of E5 CPUs and an intel chassis. Lack olf this info is holding us up.



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Hi Rosemary, lists the feature between RMS25PB080 and RMS25KB080. In brief, the RMS25PB080 includes a RAID-On-Chip processor which is powerful enough for parity calculations for RAID 5 and 6; whereas the RMS25KB080 with lower price only includes a I/O Controller which is limited in performance such that only RAID 0 and 1 are possible.

For performance on RMS25PB080, please refer to below data of RS25 series raid controllers using same LSI* RAID-On-Chip 2208.