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Windows XP drivers for SR1630BC


I would like to know if Windows XP drivers are available or in the making for the SR1630BC server. We are a system integrator who had been using the SR1530AHLX. Since the SR1530 has reached EOL, and the suggested replacement has also an EOL notice out, I am trying to find a replacement server with the same depth and form factor. The best option I have found is the SR1630BC, but there seems to be no Windows desktop OS drivers for it.

Is it possible to use the Windows 2003 drivers that are available with Win XP? Are there plans to develop XP/Vista/Windows 7 drivers for this server?



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Hi Shyam,

SR1630BC is no doubt a very good server machine that uses S5500BC motherboard with Intel Xeon 5500 series processors.

Like you said, there are currently no driver updates for Microsoft Windows XP and as far as I have the future roadmap, I am unable to comment on any recent or upcoming development in that regard. However, what I can advise you is to update servers' BMC, BIOS and FRUSDR (Firmware) before use and then install Windows XP. You may encounter driver issues especially if you are going to create a RAID and Windows 2003 drivers should not work for Windows XP cause the two OS are based on two completely different architectures.

For any further information, feel free to contact us.

Thank you and have a nice day!


Warm Regards,

Javed Lodhi

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