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Windows server 2003 on intel S3200SHV


I hope this is the right area for asking this question. If it is not please feel free to redirect me.

I have just purchased an Intel S3200SHV motherboard and am trying to install Windows Server 2003 R2. I have found out that installing with the Intel Matrix Raid enabled caused a blue screen just as the windows installer finishes loading drivers and going to the initial install greeting page. The best reason I can find for this is in a spec update pdf from intel with the following information

22. Stop error 0x7B observed while installing Microsoft Windows


2003 Enterprise Server* using AXXSATADVDRWROM (firmware


version UO00, September 2007).


Problem Stop 0x0000007B (Inaccessible Boot Device) BSOD message observed while


loading Microsoft Windows 2003 Enterprise Server* in RAID mode (0, 1, 5)




Implication Microsoft Windows 2003 Enterprise Server* cannot be installed by a user in


any of the supported RAID modes.




Enterprise Platforms and Services Marketing Monthly Specification Update


Status The current DVDRWROM drive firmware, version UO00, has been determined


to be corrupted.


Workaround Download DVDRWROM firmware update pack from the following link:


Then update the DVDRWROM firmware.

I have updated the DVD firmware and have tried to follow its instructions however the firmware detection and write fails and I am back to square one. I am hoping that someone here is able to help out. I waited 7 weeks to get this board for a client after being promised the board in 2 weeks and now I look like a fool because I can not install an OS onto it.

Thanks for any responses.


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