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Workstation Board S5520SC Update Package 6.0


I just bought a Workstation Board S5520SC. Using supplied Bootable CDRom Intel Deployment Assistant I try to Update the system.

Getting the Update Package 6.0 20 July 10 (the latest) and after downloading I get an Alert window: *Error* Invalid input in file '/tmp/juntura/jsup/flashupdt_da.cfg' at line 29:

I'm guessing I'm not the only one seeing this message when trying to update their MB in this way. I have been retrying it for several days now. Thought I would try to contact Intel incase they might want to look into it. Searching google returned no resluts. I can't be the only one getting this message? Don't know how else to reach intel about this. Will be using old fashioned update with USB stick.


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First make sure you've downloaded the correct package - there is an EFI only package and an IDA/OFU/EFI package. I don't know where you get this "Update Package 6.0" but it doesn't seem latest to me.

If you still encounter the same error using the package above, it might because your IDA CD version is old. The workaround is to either update in EFI shell, or download the latest IDA image and burn a latest IDA CD for yourself.

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