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X38ML IPMI sol problem



We have purchased SR1520ML recently, for evaluation. And we are facing a problem connecting IPMI SOL using such tools as , freeipmi, ipmitool, ipmiutil.

Using ipmiconsole, ipmitool, ipmiutil, we can successfully, connect SOL console and can even change the BIOS settings.

However when we try to pxe boot using the first nic, BMC seems to stop sending the console data. It dosen't disconnect nor it stops sending response. It still seemes to send acknowlegement to the client that it received data from the client. Only the console data which should be sent from BMC to client stops.

The same problem occurs, when the first nic link goes down while connecting through sol during the OS boot process. It seems to me that, nic link should never gose down, while the BMC is sending console data to the client. But it is often inevitable if we try to initialize the nic driver through SOL connection.

I had a discussion with freeipmi developper and the following link states the problem.

Could anyone help me resolving this issue ?

Thank you.

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