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X7400 series or X5400 series CPU for SQL Server


Herveello, we will buy a new low cost database server for our web based application system. The database is MS SQL 2008 Server Standard Edition. From which configuration should i wait better performance results?

HP DL380 G5 server with 2 pcs of X5470 processors (3,33 GHz, 4 cores, 1333 MHz / 12 MByte cache) or from

HP DL580 G5 server with 2 pcs of X7460 processors (2,66 GHz, 6 cores, 1066 MHz / 16 MByte cache)

(please note i can't buy G6 servers. The Amount of the RAMs will be same (32 GByte).

I can't decide. The first configuration is cheaper, but the second gives me the possibility to add later additional cpu-s to the two free sockets.

Thanks the help in advance.


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Erik, I quickly looked up price/performance and performance of TPC-C publications at and TPC-E publications at to make some comparisons - however, i could not find results specific to the intersection of solutions you were looking for (SQL 08 with the DL580G5 and 380G5).

Assuming you will only ever need 32GB and don't have to account for any data or user growth over the life of your server, the 2 socket server (xeon x5400 will probably suffice. However, as you mentioned, the 4 socket will offer the advantage of headroom (add more CPUs or more memory - can go up to 32 slots for some designs) for "peace-of-mind" if growth is something you may have to deal with.

Checking with HP or Microsoft on solution sizing guides may be another alternative.


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