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Xeon Phi refuses Putty log in

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I am trying to log into a Xeon Phi 3120A for the first time using Putty, but the log-in is refused and the connection asks for a password.

What I am doing is:

1. Create public and private keys in puttygen (SSH2-RSA 1024 bit)

2. Register the public keys with the Xeon Phi with

micctrl --addssh root -f "C:\Program Files\Intel\MPSS\bin\authorized_keys"

It says:

root: Updated with authorized key

3. micctrl --stop and then --start

4. Start putty and log into root@ with SSH auth set to use the private keys saved in a ppk file.

There is then a PuTTY Security Alert saying that the new rsa2 fingerprint does not match the one PuTTY has cached in the registry.

If I click Yes to update the cache, the log in says:

Using username "root"

Server refused our key

root@'s password:[]

Any idea what I am doing wrong or what I should try next?


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