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add printer server support to SS4200-E?

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I got my SS4200-E a long time ago, but only got around to actually looking at it a few weeks ago. One of the announced features early on was acting as a print server (which should be trivial). The online documentation still describes it and I even found someone who claimed an early firmware version supported it. Unfortunately, I've got the last OS (1.11 or whatever) and it doesn't support it. And now that Intel has discontinued the product, I guess that means no more updates to the OS. So how do I make this thing act as a print server? I don't really want to replace the OS with some open other source OS (I have neither the time nor the knowledge for that process), but surely someone must have found a way around this? Or I heard the EMC made a version 2.x for a different manufacturer. I wonder if that could be adapted. Any ideas? It would be a clossal waste of a good machine if it can't be used as a print server.

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Check out the note at the bottom of

"In the first graphic under Section 1 Overview, the ability to connect a printer to the storage system is shown. This is incorrect. The Intel® Entry Storage System SS4200-E does not support direct USB printer connection"

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I knew that statement about print server support was not included. When I searched this forum, I found someone talking about having it anyway, at least under the 1.08 firmware. I know it's a trivial extension to the existing software. So I was hoping for one of two possibilities: either that some had found a hack to the OS to add in print server capability, or that someone had another version of the OS (perhaps unpublished from Intel, perhaps created for a different manufacturer) that would do it. It sure seems that Intel abandoned purchasers of this product without providing much support. I can't say it reflects well on them.

It sure would seem that someone somewhere would have solved this problem.