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i have a problem with my new dx58so2 mainboard


hello every body i'm so glad that i'm a part of this great community

i bought a new dx58so2 with a core i7 960 cpu

and 8gb 4gb x 2 zeppelin memory modules

and sata 2 hitachi 1 tb hdd

i installed xp sp3 os configuring the hdd as IDE in sata drives menu in bios

every thing ends up alright

but the os hangs up for seconds while working, taking into consederation that im just browsing and listening to music

i realized that the ioh temp. is 65c during hangs and when its cooled down below 60c these hangs vanish

i read in your forum that the ioh normal temp is 65c so !!!!!!!!!

i appreaciate ur help thank you very much

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If your processor is getting too hot, you may want to look at your chassis, and how you are cooling it. The desktop community over at is of course the best place to discuss this, but I wouldn't mind offering advice.

What chassis are you using, and how are you cooling the chassis and processor?

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