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i7 based Xeon?


I've been searching all over to find the mythical i7 based Xeon server CPU but don't see any listed on Intel's site.

They refrence an X5560 CPU which I don't see anywhere on Intel's sites, either the desktop or server side.

Gamer sites all call i7 based systems "servers" but I know that they have a dramatically different idea of what passes as a server.

My application is 50+ users relying on Exchange server running, not some "game" machine hosting a multi player game.

My problem is this; a client of mine is determined to hold off buying a new server until i7 based servers become available. I was under the impression that that would never happen as the i7 line is completely seperate from the Xeon line.

Can anyone from Intel confirm for me that the i7 technology will not be applied/released as part of a Xeon CPU in the next 6 months? By that I mean that there won't be a huge performance bump only a few months after they purchase due to i7 technology hitting Xeon CPUs.

I'd need to see an official Intel website/release to be able to convince the client that he's waiting for something that just isn't coming.

Thanks in advance

Geoff H

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Goeff - the "mythical" i7 Xeon

The i7 is based on our next generation microarchitecture (codename Nehalem). The core i7 is the desktop gamer edition and started shipping in 2008. The Xeon family of processors will move to the Nehalem microarchitecture. in fact for the 2S servers it will happen later this quarter. We are in production and are shipping product to our OEMs for their final design and validation. I can't speak about availability.

there have been a few data points on performance released and disclosed at our idf in the fall of 2008 around the capability of this product. ( )At intel, we are extremely excited about the Nehalem product introduction (Xeon 5500 series) and i wish i could talk more about it but we are still under non-disclosure for this product.

These new Xeon servers will be positioned for a wide range of application usages from performance hungry technical computing to general purpose enterprise to small business based servers. We expect wide availability from our OEMs with designs when we introduce later this quarter.

In summary, your customer is waiting for something that is real and on the way in less than 6 months and we think it will be truly "magical" for all intel-based customers.


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