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input voltage requirement for S7200AP



I am a research assistant at a university, I am trying to build a server rack for a power delivery research project.

I am going to build my own power supply and ups combination for the server board. I read the 12V DC input requirements, I was wondering what prevents the board operating under 11.4V. It seems to me only the fans may require 12V dc if I supply fan power separately, can I bring the server board voltage down to 10.5V?

I will basically connect 12V ups at its input and demonstrate a power loss scenario, I want to make sure the board can operate.


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Hello E_candan

As you were able to read the minimum recommended operating voltage is 11.4V. This is stated on the technical product specification document from thie URL:

This value is based on engineering tests and that is the first hand information that we have available. The complete results of those tests are usually confidential and at least I don't have access to them and I'm not sure if I could get them, so I think that if you want to test the equipment running on an undervoltage of 10.5V that will be a risk that you will have to take.

Actually if you accomplish to do this test it would be nice if you share the outcome on this forum.

Hope to hear back from you soon.

Jose H.
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Hello E_candan,



Do you have updates about this?



Please let me know.



Jose H.