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intel SS4200-E won't boot, always has same lights lit up on front of box.


I am having problems with an intel ss4200-E I just purchased from newegg. I tried booting the box with 2 160 GB drives in it, when the power button was pushed the blue lights for drives one and three came on and stayed blue, no other lights even flickered. I had the drives in bays 1 and 2. I put 4 160 GB drives in the box and same results, lights 1 and 3 came on and stayed on solid blue. I then tried it with no drives and had the same response, no activity with any of the lights, just 1 and 3 turning on and saying on. Also the fans are running maxed out.

I have reseated the ram, mobo power connects, DOM and DOM power cord. installed software on another pc can not find the system on the network and pinging it does not work.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and thank you for reading this and helping.

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