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intel s5000pal with e5345 hangs during power up - no post


The board is an s5000pal with an e5345 (have also tried an e5140) that hangs between early initialization and post. The sequesnce is:

1. power on

2. blue id led on then off

3. status led green, four amber flashes, then solid green

4. power button

5. fans spin up

6. hang

This has happened with 2 s5000pal boards and two cpus. Both boards ran, one for several months.

When the boards were running the sequence above was on step 3. the status led would go to amber, then successfully enter post after step 5.

I have not tried a new PS, that is next. The question is:

1. is there a master reset sequence beyond powering off?

2. is there a component fail or boundary condition between the initial status and power on?

Thanks in advance - Dan

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Steps 1 to 3 are a good discription of a unit with AC restored and the BMC booting.

Steps 4 to 6 are the start of the DC power-on phase of the main processors.

Steps 4 & 5 are the normal, but a "hang" is not.

Do you get any POST LED activity after Step 4?

If so which of the 8 POST leds are lit when teh system hangs?

You can try a CMOS clear Pg 60

which will do a global restore to the BIOS defaults settings.

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Thank you for the reply. There is no post activity whatsoever. When the power button is set there is no change other than the fans spining up. They simply turn on to a constant speed. I tried clearing the CMOS jumper as well. Thanks again - Dan

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After substituting everything I substituted the PS. The board now goes through power up on the bench. The next step is to move the board and PS back to the 'cabinet'. Can someone reccomend a good standard PS for these boards. They are sensitive to PS, a clean supply is necessary for reliable operation. Thanks, Dan

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