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intel sever sp3420gplc slow data transfer speeds



I have a sp3420gplc with 6 Seagate 7200 1TB drives in raid 5 with Hotspare. I am using the onboard matrix raid. I have server 2008 r2 installed. If I copy a 2Gb file from the desktop to another folder on the desktop data transfer speeds is like 1MB /s. I'm using. Driver version for the matrix raid. Here are the firmware versions.


BIOS Version....... S3420GP.86B.01.00.0051


BMC Firmware Version:


Op Code....... 01.25


PIA.............. 01.25


Boot Code.............. 00.22


ME Firmware Version:




HSC Firmware Version:


Boot Code: 2.17


SDR Version:


SDR version: SDR Package 0.18

I think this issue is related to server 2008 cause I have 4 other servers that are Intel with the same OS and the speeds are a little better but not by much.

If anyone has any suggestions let me know I have been troubleshooting this for a while now.

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Daniel -

If you check Ctrl-Alt-Del and look under Processes, and sort by CPU, then start the file copy - what process is at the top of the list, using most of the processor cycles?

I can't think of anything RAID-related that would cause those kinds of speed, without also slowing everything down to a crawl - it would take half an hour just to boot Windows, at those speeds.

Can you copy a file to the same folder without any slowdown?

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