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problem with NICs on Server Board S3000AH


Dear Intel Expert Team,

I am using Server Board S3000AH with two 100/1000 TBase NICs connecting to LinkSys SD2008 Switch (8 ports with 1 Gbps/port).

I think I have a problem with NICs on the Server Board, one is running 1 Gbps link-speed, but another is running only 10 Kbps.

I tried to set Link Speed in Hardware Properties to 100 Kbps, it is not worked.

Is it OK if you give me your advices how to fix this problem?

Thank you and Regards,


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Hi Minhhai,

Hope these information may help.

Referring to the page 29 on the Technical Specifications Document from Intel Website, you will see from the diagram Figure 8: Server Block Diagram that:

The board has two onboard NIC GB Chipset 82573E and GB Chipset 82541PI.

One is travelling on a single dedicated PCI Express bus and nothing is shared with it.

But the other one is travelling on a PCI 32/33 Bus and it is shared with the Video ATI ES1000, so definitely, it will work on a bus speed of 32 Mhz and will slower.

Note: The Ethernet controller 82573E does not support TEAMING due to the fact that it supports AMT.

Refer to the page 48 for more details.



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