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problem with updating firmware on HSP ASR1500PASBP

Community Manager

Hi there.

I tryed update firmware 1.41->2.11 on ASR1500PASBP with this firmaware, but have error at the end on "Waiting for controller response...". this message displaing twice and after diplaying "error"

Chasis: sr1500alsasr

Motherboard: s5000pal

Backplane: ASR1500PASBP

Plz help with my problem

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Community Manager

Hi there,

Since you have a very old backplane firmware, try this and let me know how it goes. Make a USB DOS Bootable Media

Try Incremental Firmware Update;

Download and extract this package on your USB Bootable Stick Independent&lang=eng Download Link

Boot onto the USB and run the batch file

If it works, then upgrade to the firmware version 2.09 Independent&lang=eng Download

Hopefully if everything is still fine, then update to the 2.11 Independent&lang=eng Download

If none of them works, let me know these things below so that i can help you further.

- HSC firmware

- Cable connected from the backplane to the board.

- Error Code

All the best,