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problems with 5520 SC and beeeps 1-5-4-2 black screen and no bios



I´m trying for one week to make this machine work for the first time. I ve google it for several times behind this 1-5-4-2 beep solution, but dont have sucess to get it ok.

My system is:

Dual Xeon 5520

5520SC Board

Chasis 5650 WS (it was an Nilko 3U rack on last week, but because of the beeps I was thinking that my problem was on the PSU from seventeam on Nilko)

16 GB Ram

HD 250 Seagate

Ok, In the past week I gone to the store and bought the parts. And try to get all together in Nilko 3U Chasis with a Seventeam 1000W with 2 x 8pin connectors for the processors.... But the hell begin in that week. When I turn the power button On, the get super loud and fast and in few seconds the rear amber light gets orange. So I push the power button again to turn off the machine...... And here they come 1-5-4-2 beeps.

Well, I ve search in google for this beeps and saw that it is Power fault: DC power unexpectedly lost (power good dropout)

So< I changed the new PSU to another even powerfull. The Hurricane 1200 W from Seventeam.

When I try to out it on the system, get the same error........

I ve try the support chat live from intel and the guy told me to use only compatible and approved hardware....

I ve buy another Chasis, the 5650 WS with the 1000W fully compatible to this 5520 SC Motherboard.......

So, I did it.... and..... the same anoying beeps still there.

Man, what is it.... all around I see people compalinying to that crazy error, even people using just the compatible hardware from Intel...

How can it be so frequently?

Back to the chat on Intel support the guy tell me to read a lot of info to the manuals.... and.... the beeps stilll there....

If I take one processor from the socket and his power cord and fan cord, the PC get a little better and have a lt of green lights in the back.

And get acess to bios.

The two memory near the CPU 2 Socket won´t be recognized. So It just appears 12 GB of Ram in Bios.....

But this memory chips are ok, I ve tested in the A1, A2 banks to C1 and C2 banks and they are ok.

The problem is when I put the second processor, the beeps start all over again....

Can someone help me.


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If you can boot with one processor, but get 1-5-4-2 with two, something's killing your 12V rail. Make sure you've got the 2x4 CPU power connector fully seated, and just run with a single DIMM to start with.

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weel I send the board back to the store, and they send it to Intel.

Intel send me an new 5520SC and now the system runs weel.

Thanks for your reply.

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