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raid web console 2


I have been doing some work for new client that has a rather old server. here are the specs:

Supermicro X7DBR-E motherboard(it has the intel 5000p chipset and ESB2 Raid controller)

4-500GB WD hard drives Raid 5


Windows Server 2012 Full install.

Here is my issue, I know we can not use Intel RST to monitor the RAID as the newest version(12.5) does not support Server 2012 or the ESB2 controller as far as I can tell. I downloaded and installed the newest version of Raid Web Console 2 and did a local install under the local Administrator account. Everything seemed to install fine, but when I launch the program it says "no storage controller found". I checked the installed devices and windows shows the 5000p chipset and the ESB2 raid controller. The account I am using is on the local install and not on a VM. I am just wondeing if I did something wrong as I have not used Web Console before, or if I am just never going to be able to monitor the RAID inside Windows because of the age of the chipset combined with Server 2012. Any suggestions would be helpfull.

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This type of products is supported only directly through the Original Equipment Manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer as this uses customized drivers to work.

You can use the following URL for their contact information: Super Micro Computer, Inc. - Support Home