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s5000VSA can't boot with 2 processors


- No video signal at all;

- CPU fan 2 doesn't spin, except if i plug on a chassis fan header;

- Both processros and fans work when a single processor is installed;

- PSU is 650 Watts with one P4 and the other P4 is adapted from an ordinary plug.

Tried all tips from board's site but nothing. Anyone with similar experience?


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Hi there,

I will need more information in order to be able to help you.





SL No:





SL No:


Chassis Model:



Memory Model:

Did you connect the CPU power connector (2X8)?


Does the system boot with one cpu?


What is the bios version, bmc version, sdr version?







Does the board issue any beeps without memory when:

(i) only cpu1 is used on socket 1:


(ii) only cpu2 is used on socket 2:


(iii) cpu1 and cpu2 are used:

Did you try to switch the bios jumper to the recovery mode?




Once i have these information, i will try to see for more possibilities.

Kind Regards,


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Both CPU's: Xeon 5148, 2.33 GHZ, Revision B2, 65nm. (dirty can't get SN)

Chassis is a X-Clio A 380 Tower extended ATX.

Memory: Two 2GB Modules FB-DIMM,PC2 5300, 333 mhz, CAS LAt 5.0, RAS to CAS 5, Preahcarge 5, tRas 15, tRC 20

(2x8) Yes, the PSU (650W) has 1 P4, and another one adapted from the 4 pin plug. So 2 P4 (Two 2x4) to power the CPU's.

Itboots if I put any of the processors on the Socket 1, both CPU fans work, and using any of the two P4.

Bios: s5000.86b.03.00.0059 08/08/2006

BMC: 10.48

SDR: Package 31A

No beeps with 2 processors. None of the '4 leds' light up. Only the CPU1 fan spins.

No beeps with one processor installed (again, any of the processors work as single)

The Intel guide says that no processors must be installed on socket 2 if socket 1 is empty. Should I try anyway?

No, Did not try to switch to recover. it's utility regarding the problen is actually not clear for me .


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Hi there,

Apparently, i think that this may be due to the power supply it is not powerful enough to power both cpus. It is best to double check the the power connectors specifications (cpu and power)


This can be found on the link below:


Page 40, 53 & 86 are interesting.

I will compare it with the power supply specifications that you are using and check if it meets all the requirements. If you can hold of another compatible PSU, it is wise to test it.

Processor Population Rules:




i) When two processors are installed, both must be of identical revision, core voltage, and bus/core speed. When only one

processor is installed, it must be in the socket labeled CPU1. The other socket must be empty.

ii) Processors must be populated in sequential order. Processor socket 1 (CPU1) must be populated before processor socket 2


iii) The board is designed to provide up to 130A of current per processor. Processors with higher current requirements are

not supported.

iv) No terminator is required in the second processor socket when using a single processor configuration.

Since the system is booting with one CPU, try to update the bios, bmc and sdr to the latest version as a precaution.

Download the package from the link below.



- Copy all system update files to a bootable USB Disk-on-key device


- Verify processor(s) and memory DIMMs are installed in the system


- Plug in AC power cord


- Wait until Status LED stops blinking red/green (~30 seconds)


- Insert bootable USB Disk-on-Key into USB Port (Front or Rear)


- Power on system using "Power" button on Control Panel

At a DOS prompt update to SPBMC63 Firmware by running BMC64.BAT batch file


At a DOS prompt, Update the FRUSDR data by running the FSP42.BAT batch file.


At a DOS prompt, update the system BIOS by running BIOS96.BAT batch file.


Try these things and let me know how it goes.

Have a nice weekend.

Kind Regards,


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The problem was really power. There were Two 2x4, with not enough power for the CPU's.

I putted other PC alongside and used it's 2x6 and this was enough to power both. Swop PSU's.


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In spanish.... please somebody can help me with this issue...


Tengo el siguiente problema con mi board S5000SASASR el cual al encenderlo no iniciaba, se quedaba encendido el led de power y de ahi no pasaba no daba imagen ni nada. Revisando la placa encontré que en el socket 1 del CPU tiene un pin roto, lo cual me hizo cambiar mi procesador Xeon al socket 2 del CPU generandome 9 beeps en total y el LED de STATUS en amarillo fijo. La pregunta es la siguiente ¿ Puedo yo usar el socket 1 o 2 indistintamente ? es decir puedo ponerlo en cualquiera de los dos sockets y funcionaría? de ser así ¿ existe alguna configuración de los jumpers en la placa para que esto funcione ?

Muchas gracias de antemano espero puedan auxiliarme con este problema.


In english.....

Hi there:

I have the following problem with my board S5000SASASR which don't turn on the power LED and there was no image was not happening or anything. Reviewing the board found that the CPU socket 1 has a broken pin, which made me change my Xeon processor to the CPU socket 2 generating nine beeps and the STATUS LED still yellow. The question is, Can I use the 1 to 2 socket interchangeably? ie I can put it in either sockets and work? if so is there any configuration jumpers on the board to make this work?

Thank you very much in advance hope you can assist me with this problem.


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