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s5520sc in a sc5300 chassis?

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I have an extra sc5300 chassis and want to know if it will work with a s5520sc. What would be the limitations. Would the sata drive cage function correctly?

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Can you please give few more details.

Chassis 5520SC is a workstation, which supports NHM processor based machine.

5300 is the previous generation processor and are you trying to put this processor in 5520SC machine which has NHM supported motherboard.,

Then it wont support.

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Actually, i am sure that you know that there is a tested list of compatible intel and non-intel chassis.

Well regarding the questoin whether the SC5300 will work fine with your board, i will need to check this for you and get back to you soon.

I will assume that the fans may not be regulated properly or it may even be that the board wont power up due to power supply issues. Let me check it for you.

Tested Intel® chassis list:


The table below contains the tested Intel® Server Chassis list for the Intel® Workstation Board S5520SC.Tested Intel® Server ChassisDescriptionNotesSC5600BaseIntel® Server Chassis, 670W fixed PSU, 3 fixed chassis fans with ducting, 1 PSU fan. Supports up to 6 tool-free cabled drives, upgradeable to 6 hot-swap drives (SAS or SATA). Supports up to 95W processor. No power cord or heat sinks included.


SC5650WSIntel® Server Chassis, 1000W fixed PSU, supports up to two 150W workstation graphics cards or single 300W workstation graphics card, 3 fixed chassis fans with ducting, rackable with optional rack kit, supports up to 6 fixed drives, upgradeable to 6 Hot-Swap drives (SAS or SATA). Supports up to 130W processor. No power cord or heat sinks included. SC5300

Get back to you soon.

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wont work for at least three reasons.

1. The Front Pannel connection on the 5300 is a 32pin connection. te SC uses a 22 pin

2. the SC requirest 2 x 8pin CPU Power connection. the PSUs from the 5300 series only provide one.

3. the Mounting holes on the chassis standoffs wouln't match that of the SC.

there may be other reasons too.