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se7505vb2 hdd size

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what is the max. size for a drive on this board?

i have a 1 terabyte drive that the is seen on startup by the raid utility but it trys to display the drive size and cant.

could it be the bios that is limiting drive size?



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I assume you're using a SATA drive with the onboard Silicon Image 3112A SATA controller. The lagest tested SATA hard drive on this board is 120GB. The issue might because of limitation of the Silicon Image 3112A firmware. Unfortunately it's unlikely that Intel will release any new BIOS for this product, since it's been EOL'd for more than 5 years. Below are some things you can try:

1. Force your hard drive to SATA/150 transfer rate, because the Silicon Image 3112A only supports 150MB/s.

2. If you're not using RAID, run the ATARAID.exe utility to switch the controller to base SATA mode.

Good luck!