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setup my1st server, What am I missing ?

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Hi, I'm trying to set up my first server but run into some strange issues.

Here are the specs :

1 * Intel server board S5500HCV

1 * Xeon processor E5520

1 * Intel chassis SC5600BASE

1 * Thermal Solution ST100A


2 * HD Western Digital CAVIAR RE2 250GB SATA2 3.5IN 7200RPM 16MB DDU1681S-0B

activation key for the RAID 5 of the motherboard.

When I plug the power cord of the server, the status lamp become orange for about 30 seconds (normal) but then just turn off after that.

If I start the server, the status lamp become green for a short time (1 or 2 min) then become orange and I got 4 beeps and a message on the screen which says error unrecoverable error, press F2 for details. the details are error 197 - processor speed mismatched

If I'm not fast enough, I don't have the time to get the message before the server shut down itself.

It is a strange message because I have installed only one processor (at the CPU1 location to be acurate).

What's worth to mention is that the fans stays at full blast all the time before the crashing. They are all working.

I plugged the RAID 5 activation key in the referenced slot

Regarding the memory, I put them on slot A1,B1,C1

regarding the power cords, I plugged the 2 eight pins power cords and the main power cord in. I also plugged the Aux Pwr cord in.

I plugged the 2 Hard Drives int the sata 3-4 slots and the optical drive in the sata 5 slot. a Raid 5 will be set up on the sata 0-1-2 later.

I guess that's about all I can say. Is there anybody who has an idea ? It would be very helpfull

Thanks forwards



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Sounds like the BIOS needs updating. Can you pull the HDs, RAID key, and all but one DIMM, and keep the system up long enough to update to the latest package?