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sr2612ur rs2bl040 raid controller and 12 drives and 2 internal drives



I want to ask how can I connect 12 drives to rs2bl040 on a sr2612ur and also 2 drives (internal for OS ) to rs2bl040. rs2bl040 has 4 ports and I think to connect 12 drives to rs2bl040 I need 3 SFF-8087 (which has 4 ports on each SFF-8087) This will use 3 ports on rs2bl040 (which has 4 ports on raid card) and for OS (two disk) I need another SFF-8087 which makes all ports of rs2lb040 to be consumed right?

Is this the right configuration for connecting 12 sata drives + 2 internal drives and to make 2 RAID VOLUMES (one raid1 for os and one raid5 volume for all 12 drives)


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Not exactly - The midplane is designed around a SAS expander. It has one SFF-8087 connector to SAS RAID adapter, providing SAS connectivity between the SAS RAID card and 12 SAS/SATA drives.

However, the RS2BL040 RAID card has only one SFF-8087 connector, meaning you have no port left for internal drives.

In your scenario, you'll need a RAID card with at least two SFF-8087 connectors. And I highly recommend you choose a RAID card from the Tested hardware list. So SRCSASJV seems a good choice for you.

Another option is to connect 12 hotswap drives to the RAID controller, and two internal drives to onboard SATA ports and configure RAID 1 using ESRT2.

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