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teamable onboard NICs

I'm looking at a couple of Intel chipset based server motherboards with dual gigabit NICs on board. One board is a SuperMicro MBD-X7SBL-LN2. It uses the 3200+ICH9R, listing the NICs as the Intel 82573V and Intel 82573L. The other board is the Intel S3210SHLC. It uses the 3210 chipset (not sure what the 2 NICs are). I'm trying to find out if these boards support teaming the onboard NICs. We've run into problems where we haven't been able to team 2 Intel NICs before.


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I do not have specific information on teaming for either of these motherboards. The Intel® Server Board S3210SHLC has two Intel Network Connections according to the product spec. Teaming should work with the built-in Ethernet connections on either of these motherboards since both are using Intel Network Connections.

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