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the S5520HC board with RAID controller RS2BL080

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my server and HD backplane config is as follows.

my HD backplane has 6 SATA ports, and my s5520hc has 6 sata ports, RAID controller RS2BL080 has 2 ports.and a cable that comes with 4 sata connector.

would anybody advise how to connect the 6 hard drives with its 6SATA Backplane ports.

i keep on getting no hard drives, even though i can see the hard drives in the BIOS and configured RAID 6 and at the same time i can see the 6 drives on the server startup.


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What OS and version?

If teh BIOS is seeing the RAID and the OS does not , it is usually a sign that your OS does not have a native driver for the raid controller and you need to load one.


Which controller (onboard SATA, or RS2BL080) are you trying to use with the backplane? As far as I know you can't connect two controllers to one backplane. If you want to use both, connect the backplane to RS2BL080 (you may need a second cable to connect all 6 ports on the backplane), and connect SATA drives to onboard SATA ports directly using SATA cables, or using a second backplane.