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what is an intel smart vdd board?


So, I found this workstation on advantech website and intel website. 


Advantech Launches USM-600 Dual-Board Workstations for Advanced Edge Computing - Advantech

Edge Compute Architecture - Intel® MEC Arch


It talks about how it is a dual workstation with two independed CPU boards but it does not talk about how it works. For example.

it uses one power supply

1) What is a VDD board and how does it work?

2) Since it uses one power supply, how does the design work for two independed systems and one power supply? Can turning one CPU board turn on both boards or just one system?

3) How is the power controlled and shared between both boards?

4) Which CPU board is master and which is secondary?

5) Can we only install one of the CPU boards? And which one?


I have read the articles on Intel and Advantech about the system and they don't answer my questions above. Please, if you do not have an answer, refrain from commenting. 

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Just a little bit of searching reveals this is an advantech product.   Take your discussion there for them to answer.


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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