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App does not work on Android but works on IOS

Hi Community, I am using XDK 2807 and I have developed a small app that uses Cordova + Bootstrap to show a result of a php (mysql query) call (using ajax). Everything works as expected in the XDK Emulator and in the IOS App Preview (running on my iPad). But in Android device using App Preview or even installing a created APK, looks like nothing is working. Even the "app.Ready" event is not being triggered and the app buttons do not respond.


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Adding some more info: Using the XDK TEST TAB, doing a PUSH of the files. Then open the app in Android App Preview, the application does not run any AJAX, but using IOS App Preview the code works like expected, Ajax is called and returns the data.

Today I have used the DEBUG TAB, transferring the project to the ANDROID device and for my surprise it works. So the problem I am facing only happens if I try to use the TEST TAB with Android App Preview  (IOS is OK).

Today I have also try to create a APK  usign BUILD TAB and select CROSSWALK FOR ANDROID  (Since if I select ANDROID the APK had the same behavior I am facing in TEST) Builiding as crosswalk, the application worked fine in my android device.