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Free MKL version applyable for commercial use ?

Due to license terms shown in, to my understanding any company is allowed to sell to its customers SW products that had been created using MKL / IPP resulting from free download - in contrast to the statements 'This Web Site is for personal and non-commercial use' and 'You may obtained from the Materials' shown in 'Use Terms'  (q.v. being selectable from the related download page (as shown below for MKL). Therefore, my question is, are these statements not applicable to MKL/IPP free download, i.e., are they shown due to error only?

[Orig.query:] On e.g., MKL is described as being available for everyone and that purchase is necessary e.g. only in case of specific support being required. On the other hand, there is missing an explicit statement that availability is also related to commercial use; moreover, selecting the 'terms of use' on the respective site for free download,, at chapter 'Use Terms' can be read: 'This Web Site is for personal and non-commercial use'. Therefore, I'd like to clarify, whether SW being built with MKL resulting from free download can be used for commercial issues without restrictions; similar clarification is needed for IPP.

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Hi Stefan,
The free Intel(R) Performance Libraries include a named-user license per Intel’s standard agreements with no fees, no royalties, and no restrictions on company or project sizes.
Regards, Hal
Intel(R) Developer Zone Support
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