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Intel XDK EA 3172 Release Announcement

Today (April 7, 2016) we released version 3172 of the Intel XDK Early Access. The features included in this update do not apply to the Intel XDK IoT Edition or Intel XDK mainstream releases.

The Intel XDK Early Access release is provided as a way for you to test-drive and provide feedback on new features we are considering for the mainstream release of the Intel XDK. The complete set of features we are previewing are detailed in the Intel XDK Early Access Release Notes.

NOTE: You can install both the Intel XDK and the Intel XDK Early Access release at the same time on your development system; however, you cannot run both at the same time. It is best to make a copy of an existing project before opening it with the Intel XDK Early Access release, especially if you only wish to experiment with the new features in the EA release. See this FAQ for instructions on how to make a copy of an existing Intel XDK project.

Below is a summary of the preview features in this EA release:

  • Crosswalk support for the Windows desktop.
  • Project assets (icons and splash screens) are now located in a folder outside of your source folder.
  • Real-time Resource Monitoring of HTML5 apps in the Debug tab.
  • The Intel XDK Profiling Tools are not integrated in the Chrome DevTools inside the Debug tab.

More details can be found in the release notes and in Joe's blog.

Download the Early Access installer here:

-- The Intel XDK Team

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