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Intel Xeon Phi (codenamed Knights Landing) energy consumption


I am looking for a way to measure the energy consumption of the Knight Landing (co) processor. In the previous version of the Xeon Phi (Knights Corner) I was able to measure the energy consumption using the MPSS or the micras tool available on the microOS. 

I think the MPSS solution should still work for the co-processor version of the Knights Landing.

My question is how do we measure the energy of the Intel Xeon Phi processor (the stand-alone)? I can see that there are performance monitoring events (see, however there is no information on how to collect such information. A code snippet would be helpful.

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The RAPL infrastructure from the mainstream Xeon processors works on the Xeon Phi x200 (Knights Landing).   This is described in Chapter 14 of Volume 3 of the Intel Architecture SW Developer's Manual (document 325384).

Only the PKG and DRAM domains are supported.  

I have a suspicion that the DRAM domain should be using a different unit for energy than the PKG domain, but have been unable to get Intel to comment on this issue.   For the PKG domain, all the results I have seen have been entirely consistent with the product specifications -- for example I see a steady 215 Watt average power consumption (on a 215 Watt TDP processor) when running DGEMM or HPL benchmark codes using all cores.  (This is based reading the RAPL PKG energy counters at 2-second intervals during 30-second or longer runs of DGEMM or HPL.)