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Regsitration Center does not show all my current licenses



I have 10 licenses for Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran Windows with Rogue Wave IMSL Version 2016. However, my account at the Registration center only shows 4 current licenses and 2 expired ones.  How do I remove the 2 expired licenses from my Registration center account and how do I make the other 6 licenses show up in the Registration center.  Each license is installed on a different pc to an individual user, I am just the license admin.

Thank you for any information and help.


Robert Young

Systems Analyst 2

CACI International

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I looked you up in our database and it does indeed look like you only have six licenses associated with you (as you said, two expired, four current). It's not that the others are hidden from you, they are genuinely not connected to your account. I see that you have a duplicate account in our database (it looks like somebody already dealt with that issue), so during the cleanup from that, it's possible that something got misplaced.

Do you know the serial numbers you're missing? You can use the "Send Author a Message" link on the gray bar by my name to send me a private message listing them.

As for the expired licenses - you don't remove them. They stay attached to your account for archival purposes. You can hide them, though. When you're on the screen that lists your serial numbers, at the top of the screen it'll say something like "4 active licenses shown and 2 expired licenses shown". The bit about expired licenses will look like a link. Click on it, and it'll hide expired licenses.

- Alex

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This issue has been resolved via private message.

If you have a similar problem, please create a new thread so we can get to you in a timely and efficient fashion.

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