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SR300 Face Tracking sample takes a long time to start


I am using Intel 5th generation i7 NUC with Win10.

I am have an SR300 camera connected to that NUC.
The SR300 was working fine until at some point, I've noticed that it takes a lot of time for the Face Tracking sample (or any other sample) to start (30-60 seconds).
Once the Face Tracking sample comes up, the camera works fine. It is just this delay when the Face Tracking sample starts that is an issue.
I am using the latest DCM and SDK, and I also updated all other Intel's drivers.
I also updated the BIOS to the latest version.

Please note that I am aware that Intel recommends using SR300 only with 6th generation NUCs, but as I've mentioned the SR300 was working fine on this NUC until recently, and I also have a similar 5th generation NUC on which the SR300 works well.

Does anyone encountered such a problem?
Can anyone recommend how to fix this problem?

Thank you,


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