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Test My Game: Tell me what you think 80% done!

Hi folks, as I promised a little while ago, I'm going to post my game for you guys to fiddle with. It's only about 80% done and it hasn't really been tested for bugs so please bare this in mind. I have disabled the abilities for the cards, so they will have no effect. I think I left the percent bonus on but I cant remember. Also you will only get coins for beating the monsters, no exp etc. but you can use the coins to buy more cards. So here is a quick overview...

Overview: The game is a Trading Card Game (TCG Legends) set in a fantasy land. You have three characters and that each have their own stats but those stats can be boosted depending on the card you use during battle. You begin the game with a deck of 25 cards from where you can swap out better cards once you obtain them.

Home: This takes you home. Simple.

Cards: This takes you to the cards page, from where you can view your stack of cards or your deck of 25 cards.

Stack: Starts off blank until you buy your first card. The cards are listed here by how powerful the attack bonus is, from highest to lowest. You can tap the coin to sell the card or the red icon to swap this card into your deck. (When swapping the deck is displayed with lowest at the top to make swapping easier.

Deck: This displays your current deck of 25 cards to be used in battle.

Shop: This is where you purchase cards. 1 Star = 100, 2 Star = 1000, 3 Star = 5000, 4 Star = 25000, 5 Star = 50000. Players will be able to purchase cards using gems as well.

Stats: Nothing to see here, ignore the man behind the curtain.

Gems: This is where players will be able to purchase gems, view videos to earn gems etc. PLEASE BE AWARE THE STORE IS LIVE! purchasing gems will charge to your credit card. They are all set to .99 even though it has a high dollar amount on the icon, in case anyone want to test it. There seems to be a bug where x86 devices aren't allowed to access the store... :( .....GOOGLE!!!!!

Story: (main icon) Will take you to the map, if you click on the sword and shield it will start the battle. The monsters are dumb, currently they have no A.I. so beating them should be easy. :) if you win you get 250 coins if you loose you get 50 coins.

Public XDK ARM7: Here

Public XDK x86: Here

Tell me what yall think!



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No one?

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Hi Isaiah, probably not the best place to get beta testers, since most people on this forum are busy trying to solve issues with their own apps. You might have to find a game forum for takers.

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