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The RealSense-equipped Intel Project Alloy VR headset, and the Euclid micro-PC

Hi everyone,

At the Intel IDF 16 developer conference today, a "merged reality" VR headset containing RealSense cameras called Project Alloy was demonstrated.  Its selling point is that it is a self-contained unity with the CPU, GPU, cameras and batteries all contained in a single unity instead of having to be worn on the outside of the body.   Alloy is apparently intended to be a reference design that can be built by other companies, and used in conjunction with Windows Holographic software.

You can watch the Alloy part of Intel's keynote at the link below, which features an on-stage demo of a virtual environment.  It is at about 1 hour 25 in the video and ten minutes long, after which there is a section on Microsoft HoloLens.

Also just announced is Euclid, a RealSense Pc with an Atom processor that is the size of a candy bar.

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Announced too is the RealSense 400.

"The next-generation RealSense camera offers improved accuracy with more than double the number of 3D points captured per second and more than double the operating range compared with the previous generation. Coupled with support for indoor and outdoor uses, RealSense 400 will enable developers to create amazing applications."

Edit: also announced was the Joule, a tiny board for makers to test RealSense concepts on.

Edit 2: a "ready to go" RealSense-powered drone for developers.

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When, where, will the Euclid be commercially available?

Is there a product sheet available today?


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Intel apparently told tech website The Verge that Euclid will be released in the first quarter of 2017 (a Jan to March 2017 time window). 

It's probably a bit too early for a datasheet to be available.  If you google around for 'Intel Euclid' then you can piece together some info though.

- ZR300 RealSense camera

- Runs Ubuntu 14.04 (maybe 16.04 by the time of release)

- Arduino and ROS (Robot Operating system) compatibility.  Arduino sketches can be passed via USB to a robotic controller.

- Quickly develop different scenarios by selecting different ROS interfaces already on the device.

- Wireless connectivity

- High density data depth of 60 fps

- Support for programming in high level languages such as Node.js

- Intel Atom quad core processor - thought to either by a Cherry Trail or the new Broxton CPU used in the Joule (unconfirmed)

- Wide-FOV 640x480 pixel camera

- Can be accessed and controlled by a web app via desktop or by Android / iOS

- Can be connected to a snap-on battery

- Use without any other software thanks to a 'software stack', making it plug-and-play

- Bluetooth, GPS and IR

- Proximity, motion and barometric pressure sensors

USB 3.0 and Micro HDMI ports

- Usable as a full autonomous "brain" with sensing capabilities or as a smart sensor controlled by a more powerful computer

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